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We at Wellnox endeavour to create wealth for each of our clients with personalized services. The team of experts is a mix of experienced ones with new blood introducing next generation technologies. Our wealth creation management advisory stems from structured and disciplined financial planning approach. A team of financial experts manage the clients’ wealth while technical team help them to enjoy the entire process seemless.

We understand that each investor has different goals in different time frame, hence each investor requires a different strategy of investment.The experienced advisory team keeps our clients aware of the market situation and help them into decision making, the technical team arranges to present everything on one single platform. We strive to have best of market experts and technical teams to cater our clients in the most efficient way.

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Recognized for our availability as a resource to clients and investment managers alike, and for seeking to provide the best solutions to our clients globally, it aims to be one of the top 100 asset managers in the world.Our vision is to be the most inclusive and sustainable wealth manager of choice for clients and staff alike.Also to be a successful investment firm through the application of the highest professional standards, drawing on our investment experience and adhering to our Hinduism values


Our mission is to create value for our customers, shareholders, employees and community.We strive to be among the best providers of financial services and products in India, delivering a diverse range of established and pioneering products.We are a highly talented workforce, committed to reliability and consistency, and maximizing every investment opportunity.We believe in creating an environment where people want to work, and where personal success is aligned with company success.

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Our objective is to offer our clients quality investments and returns along with the appropriate risk metrics. Being an independent asset manager inside Generali Group we can focus on our investors’ long-term performance.This gives us the freedom and strength to work with maximum commitment at all times, invest in people and technology to the best of our judgement, and dedicate our efforts to developing investment products and customer services of highest standards.